About Us

HaZ Design (has design) n. constantly evolving marketing and creative firm expanding the visual and technical boundaries.


Our goal is to create and maintain the perfect branded environment while maximizing all messaging opportunities.

From the beginning of every project we work with clients to discover and evaluate their specific brand objectives, review their brand’s details and parameters and then work to produce a perfect blend of messaging and look and feel. We design a brand or project that is unique, recognizable, eye-catching and most importantly, suits the company.

We develop strategic communications plans and budgets to include printed materials, event media and online applications (including web enrollment, email blasts, and electronic communications).We weave a consistent look and message throughout; from IT implementation, event production and media, signage, presentation materials, client communications, amenities and event décor. We appreciate the priority of budgets and deadlines and deliver on time and within budget.


HaZ Design is owned and operated by Heather Albright. Heather has 18+ years of experience in branding and creative development work. Since the Sydney Olympics, we've worked extensively with sponsors of major sporting events to design the overall look and messaging, while maintaining brand consistency for both the sponsor and the event. We also work with many businesses, helping them to expand without limitations. Heather has a great team of graphic designers, web specialists and event & production specialists she works with.